RAS #317 – Words At War (Replay)

RAS #317 - Words At War (Replay)

This time on Ron’s Amazing Stories we have a replay from April of 2014. We will look at World War II through news radio broadcasts. We will focus on what it was like here at home. We will use broadcasts from Bing Crosby, Jack Benny and many others who talk about everything from buying war bonds to how you can prevent the sinking of an American ship. It was a tough time for America, but they came together to stop some horrid crimes against mankind. It is my hope that what I have for you gives you a picture of what that era was like.

Our OTR Story – They Call it the Pacific

Our tale comes from the OTR series Words at War. This was is radio program that ran during the war years. Basically, it is a series of stories as told by the men and women who watched it all happen. It was produced in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime. Their promise was to present real tales of the battles, underground warfare, what was happening on the home front and of course the action on the seas. I have picked the episode, “They Call it the Pacific” which first aired on July 10, 1943.

The Horror Express Update

Jason and I recorded The Horror Express #20 and it will air as scheduled on March 8th. The topic will be UFO Stories and Jason tells us about the aliens of Nazca. The conductor has chosen an OTR tale called Fire In the Sky and of course we will read listeners comments and questions.

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