Internet Woes Strike The Podcast

pexels-photo-888992.jpegI have been without internet service since Saturday. A rather large tree limb came down and took the cable line with it. The cable company, while quite understanding, has been unable to restore the connection. Meaning they have not come by to put it back up. They are busy people with all the storms we had of late.

I am using my phone as a hotspot to get this blog out. This connection is not ideal for putting out any volume of work or a podcast for that matter. I hope to have it resolved soon and look forward to being able to do the simple things in life once again. For example being able to ask Alexa to turn on my desk lamp.

I will keep you posted!


One thought on “Internet Woes Strike The Podcast

  1. I remember fallen limbs and lost services from my days in the northwest. You should learn from us in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We just don’t have trees.


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