Scourge Of The Mice Devils.

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Our story for this week comes from Micheal Radcliff who lives in Minnesota. It is a tale that should send fear surging through your body and is the stuff of nightmares. Micheal has titled it Scourge Of The Mice Devils.

Hello Ron, I just found your podcast and love it. I am just starting to work through your library and I am having a good time. I have a story for you that is not paranormal, but somehow I know you are going to like it.  Thank you for doing what you do. – Mike

Scourge Of The Mice Devils

So, there I was perhaps five or six years old. My dad finally took me and two of my older siblings to Basswood Lake. I was so excited to go. 

We set up a big, canvas tent, which was common in those days. I can still smell that canvas even now. I don’t know if it ever truly dried out. It always felt kind of damp and had that smell like mold and mildew. I kinda miss it, like I miss the smell of a two-stroke motor in the water. After a day of fun it was time to go to bed. We all walked into the tent and lined up, side-by-side, in sleeping bags on top of matts. But sweet dreams didn’t await us that night. 

In the middle of the night, there was a lot of commotion. I woke up to mice scurrying all over us. They had chewed their way into the tent, and there seemed to be hundreds of them. The mice were in our bags and crawling on us. There were flashlights zipping around the tent, shining briefly on various culprits.

Oh and there was action outside too. We could see and hear them running across the top of the tent. An ocassical owl swept down and grabbed one in the moonlight right off the tent topper. My dad had work gloves on and he was trying to corral them while my brother grabbed them and stuffed them back into the holes. I had nightmares about this for a very long time.

The next morning the nightmares continued. The carnage from the mouse attack had raked havoc on our food supply and cooking utensils. Somehow everything was soaked with water and it had not rained. Dead mice were everywhere and in the pots and pans were drowned mice. With no food left and spirits broken we cleaned-up and packed-up ending our weekend trip early

I’m 53 years old now and have been back 47 years in a row to Basswood Lake. The events of that night have never been repeated. I have no explanation for what happened and have not heard of anyone else that has experienced the scourge of mice devils. I have had to move my camp because of bears, but never again because of mice. – Micheal Radcliff 

Mike, that is so wrong in so many ways. I have never been afraid of the lowly mouse and this story changes all of that. To think that they swarm is the stuff of bad dreams and long nights. Thank you for that! I do however appreciate you sharing your story.

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