Encounter In The Park

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This story comes from Sandy Harmon. Sandy didn’t say where she hails from and the story doesn’t give me any clues. But here is sandy’s story:

Thank you for the podcast! I listen each week and marvel at the stuff you come up with. It is so entertaining.  I want to share a story that happened to me in our local park. 

I was walking in a local park when I got this feeling that I was being followed. I turned around and there was no one there and just to be on the safe side I took a second look. I kept on walking and coming from the other direction I saw a man walking his dog. This made me feel a little better since now I wasn’t really alone but I still had the feeling that I was being watched. As I walked by the man he stopped me and asked if I had seen anyone in the area. I responded that I hadn’t, but asked him why he was asking. He told me that he had this strange sensation that he was being watched. I told him my story and we both laughed about it. We continued to talk, when another lady came up to us and said that she could not help but overhear us and that she too had felt like someone had been following her and watching. This was too strange.  We all chatted a bit longer, thought that we must be crazy, laughed about that, then went our separate ways.

That night I had a dream about walking in that very same park. I remember in my dream that I was looking around and a bum walking up to me and asking for some food. I told him that I was out walking and then I didn’t have anything for him this time. That was the dream, and the odd thing is that it felt so very real. The next morning I was listening to the radio and one of the stories that they were reporting was that the night before a transient man had been found dead in that park. He had died of natural causes and authorities were having trouble identifying him.

Ron, that is my story.  It’s true and it probably doesn’t mean anything but I don’t know. – Sandy Harmon.

Well thank you for your story Sandy, that is a head scratcher for sure. I have to say I doubt it was a coincidence that all three of you felt the same way at the same time, but it could happen I guess. I will lead more towards what I think you were getting at. The man was left wondering a bit. I do hope he found his way to the light. 

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