RAS #542 – The Eyes Have It

RAS #542 - The Eyes Have It

On Ron’s Amazing Stories we have a lot of stuff. In fact there are eight segments worth. We have three brand new ghost stories from you guys that include a visit from grandpa, and two shadow creatures. Then we have a new segment called, How Do I do That.?  In this first one we talk about how I go about restoring old time radio shows. We head to the great Northwest for an episode of Challenge Of The Yukon. King spots a murder and then must track down the killer. We end the show with a Philip K Dick classic titled The Eye’s Have It. So if you haven’t already …press that play button.

Featured Story – The Eyes Have It

Our featured story was written by Philip K. Dick.  We have had stories by this author dating back to Episode 62 when we first heard the short story, Beyond Lies the Wub (A true classic). This time our tale is titled The Eye’s Have It. It was first published in the magazine Science Fiction Stories in March, 1953. In this short Phillip takes a humorous look at writers and their perceptions. Ask yourself this: What if we took everything that was said literally? Well, what you would have would sound like this story.

Other Stories Include – The Fortune Teller, Pete Townshend: Somebody Saved Me,  Grandpa, Is That You?, But I saw It, Shadows Everywhere, How Do I Do That – Saved Recordings, King Spots Murder, and The Eye’s Have It.

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