RAS #540 – The Untouchable

RAS 540 - The Untouchable

On Ron’s Amazing Stories we have shadow encounters sent in by you guys. A shadow with a hole, one with no face, and even one that can stab you. Then I read a story suggested by RedBill792 about an object so amazing it’s untouchable. We move on and visit the years 1950, 1880, and then back to the 50’s all in an instant. How is that even possible? Just press that play button and see.

Featured Story – The Untouchable

For our featured story we have a science fiction classic sent to me by RedBill792. He said that he loved it and wanted me to read it on the air. After checking it out I thought, “why not?”, and gave it a shot. It comes from the December 1960 issue of Analog Magazine. Do you know who King Tantalus is?  Hang around after the story and Ron will tell you.  It is titled The Untouchable and was written by Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

You can see it—you can watch it—but you mustn’t touch it! And what could possibly be more frustrating when you need, most violently, to get your hands on it for just one second.

Other Stories Include – Murder on Diamond Row, Project Hail Mary, The Whole Shadow, The Man With No Face, Shadows Can Stab, The Untouchable, A Day In 1880, and Not So Important Times In History – 100% Mortality. 

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