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We have this email from Brenda in New England. She does not say exactly where, but from the email I gather she just might be living in the Boston area. Just a guess mind you! She simply titled her story, “May?”.

Hi Ron, I have been scared to send in my story. I am not sure why, but here it is. I love three things, The Red Sox, The Patriots and ghost stories. Here is my story and I swear it is real, because it happened to me!

It was about a year ago now and I still shake every time I tell it. My friend asked me if I could sit at her grandmother’s home. She was in the hospital for a few days. She had cracked a rib while chopping wood. As you might gather she is a tough old gal with grit enough for 12 men! She outlasted two husbands and will probably be alive long after I am gone. Her name is May (Like the month), is 85 and just over six feet tall. I of course agreed. 

She had several cats and they needed to be fed. That is all I had to do. So, I moved in that day! The first thing that happened was creepy. All three cats were lined up facing the door as I walked in. They looked at me like I was toast or a nice smelly fish I am not sure. They did not move and sat there until I said, “Are you guys hungry?”

That broke the tension in the room and they all scrambled towards the kitchen. I fed them and sat down to get a bite to eat for myself. That was when event two took place. I heard a voice. It clearly said, “May?” I jumped up and started looking around the home. It was a two story place, 2 bedrooms upstairs, a living room and of course the kitchen. I found nothing! Except the radio was on in one of the bedrooms. I thought that was it, turned it off and started to go downstairs. Again came, “May?” does it sound like a question?

Scared, trembling and feeling like rabbiting out of there. I said, “In the hospital”

No response. 

I sat down to watch TV and then realized that May had no TV. I grabbed my cell phone and called my friend. She said, “oh didn’t I tell you? May only listens to the radio.”

Great I thought, I had already used my data minutes and I realized this was going to be a long night. My friend promised to be my text buddy and that ended night one.

The next day I got up and went to work. I called my cell phone company and bought some additional data and was ready for a good night. I came in the door and sure enough the cats were lined up again. After dinner I lit a fire and settled into the most comfy looking chair, plugged my phone in and found a movie to watch.

I was watching my movie when I heard a “crash”. It came from upstairs. I thought one of the cats had done something and ran up the stairs. To my chagrin all three cats ran up with me. I said, “Dang, not the cats”.

When I arrived I saw that a vase was broken on the floor.  There is no reason for it to have fallen. I remember seeing it yesterday and it was well centered. I thought it had to be the cats. That is when the voice said, “May?”

I screamed, the voice was right behind me! I turned and there stood a shadow of sorts I could see through it, but it was there. It was in the shape of a man who was slightly bent over. I screamed again and without thinking I ran right through it. I felt an impossible chill! I ran down the stairs, out the door and into the car. I drove home and never went back to that house again.  – Brenda

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