RAS #319 – Hawk Larabee

Ron's Amazing Stories #319 - Hawk Larabee

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week we debut a brand new show called, Hawk Larabee. Also, the segment ‘Johnny, Is This True?’ returns, and we have a listener story from Big Jimmy Calhoun. Add to this a Five Minute Minute Mystery, a podcast news update and you have a show.

Our OTR Story – Mountain Central Railroad

This week I promised a western story and we have something completely new to Ron’s Amazing Stories. I came upon a gem of a show from the 40s called “Hawk Larabee”. At first, I thought it was a juvenile western, but the more I listened more I was convinced that it was actually aimed at adults. This western adventure is set in 1840s Texas. The series tells stories of the men and women in the colorful drama of the American West. Our tale is called Mountain Central Railroad and it first aired on July 18, 1947.

Program Note: On this podcast, I announced that the show is on the radio at 9pm Pacific Time. This was incorrect. Ron’s Amazing Stories is on every Sunday night at 8pm Pacific Time. Oops…can you say retraction?

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3 thoughts on “RAS #319 – Hawk Larabee

  1. I think the Carson bit is right there with Who’s on First. Martin Yarborough made Larabee work – along with the songs. He was Webb’s partner early in Dragnet until his death and was an excellent voice actor. One more thing – you read stories really well.


    1. I think that you might be the only person to connect the Web comedy bit with Hawk Larabee! Great job Jim! By the way his name was Barton Yarborough.


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