RAS #295 – The MUFON Story

RAS #295 - The MUFON Story

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week Phil Leech joins us. He has served us in many ways during his life, and has done it all! When it came time to retire from public service, he decided to become a field investigator for the (Mutual UFO Network) MUFON. Phil did not stop there and after only three years he has become the Indiana State Director of MUFON. Why he joined MUFON is the focus of this podcast. Phil is not only an investigator, but also had two experiences in his life that he cannot explain. He joined MUFON in hopes of finding an answer to his own questions about the UFO story.

Links From This Episode

MUFON Home Page
MUFON Hotline Number:
Indiana MUFON Facebook Page

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