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On the podcast this week we had special story sent in by Mary and Mark Newcomb.  I present it here so that I could post the picture she sent along with it.

Campfire Lights – By Mary Newcomb

Mark And Mary's PhotoIt was the last day of a camping trip to Campbell Point Campground in Stone County Missouri. Mark and I had planned a hike for the day and were both excited about it. It was only a three mile trek that followed Crane Creek, but we had heard about the abundance of wildlife and the wonderful sights to behold.  We were not disappointed. We took many pictures that day, but it was the very last one that compels me to tell this story.

We were on the return trail and were talking about all the things we had seen that day. It was Mark that noticed the lights in the meadow below us. It was late afternoon and we both thought that they were a campfire of some sort, but it was spread out. We thought we should go look in case some careless folk had left a cooking fire alone.

We climbed down the creek bed and crossed the rushing water. It was late summer so there was no chance of being pulled away. We came up the other side and what we saw froze us in our tracks. The lights were spinning in a circle in the middle of the field.  I can’t describe it better than that. They did not appear to have any source. Mark quickly took out his phone to capture the event. As he did the lights flew up into the sky and began to slowly move off. Then with a big whoosh and bang they were gone.

The picture we took, of course, turned out awful. I attached it for you if you want to see. In order to find anything at all we had to convert it to black and white. The remnant of the lights appear as a smoky color in the upper right of the photo. We don’t know what we saw but that is our one and only UFO story.

-Mary Newcomb

Ron’s Thoughts:

Well Mary , I have to say that is a pretty good story and I want to thank you for sharing it with us. I have posted your photo here, but like Mary said if you looking for proof this photo is not to good. I have put arrow on the picture were I think Mary is talking about.

If you have a story you want to share with Ron’s Amazing Stories. Please just do it.  You can you use the contact page on the main website or just send it to ronsamazingstories@gmail.com.  Please remember it is your stories that fuel Ron’s Amazing Stories.


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