RAS #288 – Crane Creek and Other Stories

RAS #288 - Crane Creek and Other Stories

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week Richard Diamond joins us. It is time for Diamond to renew his detective license and this turns out to be murder. No really, someone gets killed!  Also on the show, we have a story from you guys, A quiz that goes wrong, a five minute mystery and we visit June 6th, 1944.

The OTR Story – Private Eye Test

Our OTR story for today gives a glimpse into the world of the detective, but from the unique point of view of Blake Edwards. The tale is an episode from Richard Diamond, Private Detective called the Private Eye Test. It first aired on April 19, 1950.

Program Note:  On this episode of the show we have a story from Mary and Mark Newcomb. They tell us about their UFO encounter in Missouri. They sent along proof in the form of a photo. Can see the photo and read their story at ronsamazingstories.blog or click here.

5 thoughts on “RAS #288 – Crane Creek and Other Stories

    1. All of the Richard Diamond episodes were so very amazing. Blake Ewards was a special script writer. Just watch the original Pink Panther Movie with Peter Sellers and be amazed! – Ron


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