Replay – A Woman of Many Names

In this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories, we have a replay of an episode from May of 2016. Debra Yates joins us to talk about her book, Woman of Many Names. Then we have a Gunsmoke episode about a young boy who wreaks havoc on Dodge City. We follow all of that up with a look at the Trail of Tears from the viewpoint of the poets. So go ahead, make my day and press that play button.

About Our Guest – Debra Yates

Debra Yates is the author of the new book called, Woman of Many Names. She was raised in Mansfield Ohio and currently lives in St. Petersburg, Fl. One day a cousin called her and told her about a historical marker in Tennessee. This led Debra on an adventure of a lifetime, the discovery of her famous seventh-great-grandmother Nancy Ward, also known to the Cherokee as Nanyehi (non-ya-he). She foretold one of the greatest of American tragedies, the Trail of Tears.

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