Memorial Day Break 2017

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Well, it was not intended, but we are taking a break this week on Ron’s Amazing Stories. Not to worry all is well. If truth be told, a week off will have nothing but good things for all in involved. We will return next week with a completely new show and if everything goes as planned it will be Horror Express #16.  Jason and I will be answering a hoard of questions, have an old time radio show about shadow people and a special look at episode #17. As always we do have a podcast for you this week. We will replay one of my favorite episodes from 2016. So, please enjoy it!

The Calendar:

May 04 – The Fairy of Inverness – (RAS284)
May 11 – The Beast Must Die – (RAS285)
May 18 – The RocketShip  – (RAS286)
May 25 – Gun For Hire – (RAS287)
June 01 – A Woman of Many Names – (REPLAY).
June 08 – The Horror Express – (HE16)

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