RAS #279 – The Skull Walked

The Skull That Walked

On this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories we have scary stories in flush! We begin with a Dracula inspired Five Minute Mystery. Then we play, The Skull Walked. If that is not enough we sandwich in two ghost stories (One from Japan and, the other from High Wickham, England!).

Our OTR Story – The Skull That Walked

Our OTR story comes from the most famous dark radio series of all time, The Inner Sanctum. This anthology featured stories of mystery, terror and suspense. The series aired from 1941 to 1952 and was created by Himan Brown. Our story is called The Skull That Walked. It tells the tale of a curse that takes its wrath out on the owners of a family mansion who disturb its rest. It comes from the Inner Sanctum and first hit the airwaves on April 15, 1944.

A New Website for the RAS
I have created a new website for you to have a look at. It is completed, but I am not sure it will be the new home of Ron’s Amazing Stories. You can check it out here and tell me what you think. I would appreciate any feedback.

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