RAS #275 – Dateline Lisbon

Dateline LisbonShout it from the mountain tops, Dateline Lisbon!  He have a WWII story that could have been torn from the history books. He have a Harry Harrison tale that could be just what you need to get your science project off the ground, and to start the show off we have another Five Minute Mystery.

Click Here To Play!

Our OTR Story – Dateline Lisbon

I love history and our OTR story today plays out like it could have been a historical event from World War II.  If I had to compare it to something, I would have to say it is a cross between Casablanca and the Judgment at Nuremberg. It is a war story set in a neutral city where both Allies and Nazis mix. There are some neat twists and turns to the plot and it is an exciting tale, well written and performed.
It is called Dateline Lisbon and It first aired on October 5, 1944.

Website News

I have reached a decision on the Website issue and will be moving Ron’s Amazing Stories to a new home. The good news is that this will not affect the podcast in any way. We will not have a disruption in the service, publishing dates or content. However, those of you that subscribe to the show via Email will no longer get updates (Currently only five Email subscribers remain after the December troubles). I can not say when the email service will be back on online. Also, none of this will take place is until I establish a new home. We will just limp along until then.

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