RAS #274 – Jayhawkers

pic274msOn Ron’s Amazing Stories this week it is a western round-up staring the Jayhawkers of Kansas. We have a very entertaining tale from Australia called Tennessee Jed Stops A Wagon and follow that up with one of the best Gunsmoke episodes ever made.

Our OTR Story – Jayhawkers

Our old time radio story is about the Kansas Jayhawkers. They were bands of men that were willing to fight, kill, and rob for a variety of motives right after the Civil War. These men caused more trouble than good and it often led to full out skirmishes. Today the term has softened a bit and now refers to someone born, bred and raised in Kansas. Our OTR story comes from a time when they were not so nice and Marshall Dillon is forced to choose between fighting them or helping a cattle herd from Texas make its way to Dodge City.  It is called The Jayhawkers and first aired on the CBS radio network, April 4, 1953.

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