RAS #271 – The Seventh Victim

The Seventh VictimOn Ron’s Amazing Stories this week you will find Science Fiction everywhere. So, pack your space suit and your blaster be ready for it. We have an episode of X-Minus one, followed up by a strange story about a man who hold the fates of two worlds in his hands.  So, press that play button and listen to this special Sci-Fi podcast.

OTR Story – The Seventh Victim

Our story is about a post holocaust society in which war has been eradicated. The human need for violence is satisfied by legally sanctioned ‘hunts’, in which volunteers take on the roles of hunters or victims. It is based on a short story first published in Galaxy Science Fiction magazine, in April 1953.  The Story is titled The Seventh Victim and first aired on X-Minus One on March 20, 1957.

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