Review: Hard Justice

The Indian HorseLet me start out by saying that I had the pleasure of having Mike on my podcast before the release of the book Hard Justice. To hear him talk of the work before I had read it was a treat. It had me set up for something special. I have read his work before with GOTU and was completely absorbed in the world of Robin Marlette. Would this western novel have the same effect?

Yes and then some….

First Mike’s style of writing makes reading the story a pleasure. He handles action like a true master. You feel every bullet wiz by and every punch thrown. Also, Mike describes the scenes without a lot of boring dialogue or description. This is one of my gripes with some authors who feel the need to take pages and pages to tell you what they saw. The action gets lost and the reader gets bored. Mike ties the two together and lets you use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

Hard Justice is what the title suggests. It is a no punches pulled view of what justice was like in the early years of the west. It is not a children’s book and you won’t find your TV view of life in the west. It is clear to me that Mike did his research to present a hard hitting, hard talking and true representation of man’s struggle to tame the untamable. I was particularly impressed with how the American Indian was portrayed. In this case simply known as the clan.

I highly recommend this book. The story is the fantastic tale of Jasper Lee’s struggle to get revenge for his murdered pa, two brothers and a young girl. It may start out a revenge seeking tale, but in the end Jasper must choose justice over anger. The result is a truly emotional struggle for Jasper, his family and newly found friends.

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