RAS Spotlight – Mike McNeff

Mike McNeff

The Indian HorseThis spotlight focuses on the interview with Mike McNeff for episode 142 of Ron’s Amazing Stories. Mike is a retired cop and lawyer who always wanted to write novels. So, when he retired that’s just what he did. His first first two novels drew from his law enforcement experiences which included working with a SWAT squad and training with Special Forces. He has also worked as a state trooper, a deputy sheriff and a city police officer. He has been a prosecutor, police legal advisor, defense lawyer and even a civil trial lawyer. Each of these experiences taught him many lessons about life. Mike is married, has four great children and seven wonderful grandchildren. In addition to his writing Mike does volunteer work and spends time teaching folks about firearms and shooting. One thing is for sure Mike spends as much time as he can enjoying the outdoors of the great Northwest. His latest book Hard Justice is the topic of his visit the show.

The Broken Computer Fund

There have been three donations to the broken computer replacement fund which brings the total up to $42.00. My thanks to Mary, Kyle and Jennifer for your gifts. I don’t like having to ask for help, but this just came at a bad time. If you can donate great, you will find a donate button on the main website. Thank-you!


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