It Howled Like A Dingo

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The theme for Ron’s Amazing Stories this Thursday is dogs, wolves, and werewolves. Our featured story comes from Challenge Of The Yukon starring that amazing husky, King! We have a listener story from New Mexico where Jeremy encounters what can only be called a Skinwalker, and even our audiobook review is titled Lycanthropy And Other Chronic Illnesses. So I thought I would dig into the archives and share this story from Lydia Hansen all the way from Sydney Australia.  Lydia writes:

Hello Ron. Greetings from Sydney. I love your show and tell everyone about it. You are fantastic to listen to and I never miss it. I don’t have a whopper of a story for you, but it did happen. 

Australian Dingo

I was twelve years old. My dad is a rancher and we lived out on Anna Creek most of my life. One morning, my dad asked me to get up early to take up sentry duties from my brother. We were having troubles with a pack of dingos in the region. They were stealing chicks and other small animals from locals. I relieved my brother and took up the watch. I had a pistol so that I could scare them off and alert my dad. It was still night. I saw a dark humanoid shape coming towards me. I thought it was my dad so I called out to it. The thing stopped and seemed to be looking in my direction, but I couldn’t see any features let alone eyes. I shined a flashlight at it. It disappeared from view as soon as the light hit it, but when I moved the beam away it would return to view. This went on for a few minutes or so, and then it howled like a dingo. I fired my pistol in the air and it vanished. A few minutes later my dad arrived and I told him what I saw. He said that he had seen the very same thing earlier that night. We never found it or saw it again. – Lydia Hansen, Sydney Australia

Amazing Story Lydia and thank you for sharing it with us. I did a little research and I didn’t have any reference to anything like it. How very strange and scary. I did learn that Aboriginal people have maintained and developed a rich folklore centered on spirits and ghosts. Perhaps those archives may help you learn more. I could not gain access to them. Again thank you for your story.

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