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We have talked about this before, but it bears repeating.  I love stories! That is why I do this blog, the podcast, and I hope it’s why you listen. It is my goal to bring you the best of the best and I try to do it each week.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is, how can I get my story on the program? The answer is simple. Just tell it! You can write it down and send it to me or we can chat and I’ll write it for you.  However it works, please send me your story like Master Sergeant Raymond Lieberman did. Here is his story that he sent in using the link at the bottom of this page.

I heard the story by “Frank” you had in episode #191. The one with the shadow.  I thought that I would share one of my experiences from Afghanistan. 

We had just come in from patrol and were debriefing when the first blast shook the area. It was way off target and only managed to mangle a wrecked car a few blocks away.  There was also some small arms fire and an occasional sniper round.  All badly aimed or off target.  This was quite common and always meant that an inexperienced group had been sent out to harass and confuse us.

It didn’t take us long to figure out where they were, but who, that was another question. My group was assigned and we were chopper-ed to point well above the attackers to recon. They had set themselves up on a rock outcropping with no rear guard at all. They never saw us coming and to be honest we weren’t all that quiet about it. We had them in our sights and could have easily stopped the threat right then and there.  The problem?  They were all kids.  I am guessing between the ages 12 and 16.

They had mortars, machine guns and, much to our surprise, a single M110 SASS which is a US issued sniper rifle. We radioed back and were given the “go” to deal with the threat. But how to do that, not get shot and not hurt the kids. We grouped up and came up with a plan.

We knew that a direct assault was out. We could get hurt and the kids would be… well you get the idea.  We could drop smoke on them, but again with stray fire and them being on a cliff the odds someone gets hurt would be very high. What we decided to do was use The Voice of God!

With the help of being able to speak fluid Dari and a bull horn we simply yelled, “Hey you kids… this is god! Drop your weapons and prepare to meet your maker.”

This had the desired effect and of course the twin cobras swooping in sealed the deal.  They gave up without a fight. – Master Sergeant Raymond Lieberman

I love a story with a happy ending. Master Sergeant Lieberman went on to say that kids were taken away for punishment by the local militia. They would be returned to their families after serving some type of sentence. Where they got the guns, bombs and sniper weapon was never found out.

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