The Laundry Monster

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Our story comes from my backyard Portland, Oregon. One thing there is in Portland is an abundance of Yoga Studios. I am not sure if that is unique to Portland or if that is true around the globe. But it seems like there is one on every corner, along with a coffee shop. We sure do love our coffee here in the Northwest. The tale comes from Brian Stone and he lives in SE Portland. Brian has titled it The Laundry Monster. – Ron

For context, I was 16 at the time and working my first job. I was in charge of doing the laundry and filing papers for a yoga studio. I should note that the laundry room was in the basement and that I was completely by myself when this happened. It was a typical Sunday, a class had just finished, and I was washing the towels. I had my headphones on and was putting the laundry into the washer when I had a feeling of being watched. I’d felt this many times in that basement when I was by myself, but it never felt malevolent though. I do know a few deaths happened in the building when it was in use as a textile factory. I ignored the feeling as I knew our resident ghost, who we affectionately called Charlie, was probably just watching me. Charlie was never violent in any way, he’d occasionally knock things down and make the room feel cold.

As I was putting away laundry when I felt pain below my chest. When I lifted my shirt up I saw three scratch marks and they burned. I remember being in complete shock, taking a picture of the scratches and sending it to my boss, parents and a few friends. They all believed I had simply scratched myself with the door of the washer but the washer door was closed when this happened. I did feel bad energy but I ignored it. After all, I had to do my job.

I went back to work when I heard a few footsteps from behind me. I turned, expecting to see Mara. She is one of the instructors and often came down to help out after closing. No one was there and those disembodied footsteps kept coming straight at me. Then came the growl. It was not like anything on this earth. The pure evil nature of it had me running out of the basement in pure terror. I came up into the main studio and Mara was there. We both went back downstairs but found nothing and all was quiet.

That was the only time while working at that place that I experienced anything like that and l have no explanation for it. – Brian Stone

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