The Hired Man

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Our story for this week comes from Marion Butler who lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She sent this one into the website via the submission page.  This is one of the strangest ghost stories I have ever heard. Marion has titled it The Hired Man.

Both my parents were in the national guard. Each summer my sister and I would go live with our grandparents on their farm in Kentucky.  We continue to do this today even though my parents have retired from the military.  To say that my gramma’s house is haunted is an understatement. So many stories over so many years and I would love to tell you them all. 

The Hired Hand

Let me start with the very first one I remember. We came in late for the summer drop off and my grandparents were asleep. My parents got us tucked into bed and they left because they had to get back. I was eight and my sister was ten.

The next morning an old man came into the room and woke us both up. He said we have a lot of chores to do before the sun comes up. We looked at each other and shrugged. We knew that grandpa had hired help so we figured this was him. 

We quickly got ready, as fast as a couple girls can do that, and went downstairs. No grandpa or grandma and it was still dark outside. The old man was there and he pointed outside. He had my sister feed the chickens and pigs and had me gather eggs and sweep out the chicken coop.

We were getting the last of the work done, when my grandpa came out and asked us what we were doing. We told him about the old man and our assigned chores. My grandpa looked quite perplexed. He said the man he hired for the summer was staying in town that night and that he wasn’t old.

Just five minutes before Grandpa came out I was talking with the old man and he was telling how well I was doing my chores.  Well, we looked all over the farm and found no sign of him.  However, that was not the last time we saw him.  I will save that story for another time. – Marion Butler.

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