A Private Eye Moment

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This week has turned out to be detective-week on Ron’s Amazing Stories. To kick it off we have a story from a real gumshoe. While it is not a long story it does show us some of what the modern private detective job is like. Here is an email sent in by Sargent Jason Aims – California Highway Patrolman [ret].

After my retirement in 2009 I became bored and decided to take on odd jobs from a local detective agency. I get to pick the cases I work on, but there are times when they will call and ask me to fill-in. This was one of those times.

A Private Eye Moment

The case was a stolen identity. Most of the time there is not much we can do to help the victims of this type of crime, but in this case the perp was known and my agency was hired to follow her and catch her using fake ids or credit cards. It was a Wednesday and I had just taken over from another detective about 3pm in the afternoon. 

Our agency uses cars that on the outside are, shall we say, low-key. However, inside they have the very latest gadgets. There are hidden cameras everywhere. There are microphones, lots of different kinds from the old stand by parabolic type, to a laser scope that will blow your mind. The car will lock up tighter than a prison and it is bullet proof. To top it all off a custom computer system runs everything and is tied back to the home office. The cigarette lighter has been replaced and it serves as a two-way switch. Turn it right and everything starts to record and the home office is notified. Smash it down and you just hit the panic button. The police and backup are on their way.

We were doing an old-fashioned stake-out of a motel where the perp had been staying. I settled in and after about an hour the passenger door opened. A large man got into the car and sat down. I reached over and turned the cigarette lighter to the right. 

We had a rather heated exchange. Basically, he wanted me gone or I would be killed. I told him to open the glove box. He did so and that revealed a small monitor. After a moment it came to life with a picture of the man and description of his latest crimes. Also, he had a bounty on his head and was wanted for armed robbery and assault. The look on his face was priceless. He tried to open the car door, but I had locked it and had my 38 in my hand. After two minutes more the police were there and the man was in custody. The last thing he asked was how did I know. To which I said, I didn’t. 

I don’t know whatever happened to him. In the end we did catch the girl using a stolen credit credit card and she is currently in jail serving ten years. I was the lead witness in that one. – Sargent Jason Aims

I love this story, simple but yet quite descriptive. In my head I can hear the banter between you two and can imagine the tension and relief when the police arrived. Were you as calm as you sounded? Thank you Sargent for your story and I am happy you remained safe.

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