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We have an unusual and amazing animal story from Cody Apedaile. Cody and his wife Berklie are one of our most active FaceBook listeners and help promote the show. Cody has also done some of the Voice Overs that you hear on the show from time to time. Thank you Cody! His story is titled Dent in the Hood.

I once worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a few hours away from where my parents live. One weekend I decided to drive home to visit. Work ended around 10pm. I jumped into my little two door Honda Civic and went on my way. The route I took is one that only locals really know about and it cuts about a half hour out of travel time. However, This route is void of civilization for the most part. There is even a sign that warns drivers that there isn’t a gas station for 50 miles.

By the time I hit that lonesome stretch it was just after midnight. This route has a lot of national forest and winding canyon roads. Being a confident young man, I was driving fast, and whipping around the curves of the canyons. Coming around a wide curve, the brights of my car caught sight of a large elk cow.

Now, sometimes we have to question the intelligence of wildlife. If the elk had just run straight across the road we both would have been scared, but fine. Nope! This elk fled to the center line, and then began running directly away from my car. I locked my brakes. I guess I was cruising at around 70 mph when I spied my soon to be passenger and about 30 mph by the time we actually met. The elk was on the far right side of the road and my car, being low and small, went right under the back legs of the elk. She had a seat, and eventually bounced off the hood into the darkness.

The shock and amazement of the impact left me coasting my car for roughly a quarter mile before pulling off to the side. I got out and did a quick inspection of my car. Yep, there was a nice big imprint on the hood, and I did make it home safely. I continued to use that car for half a year after. I don’t know what ever happened to that elk though.  Never will. By the way It’s fun to tell people that I have had an elk sit on my car – Cody Apedaile

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