Awesome Hotel and the ghosts are pretty cool too!

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I love stories that come from places I have seen. In the early 2000’s my company sent me to Austin, Texas for some training. I was there off and on for about four months. During that time I did a little sightseeing and one of the places I visited was along the RiverWalk. I saw the Alamo and the famous Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX. Why is the place famous? When the Civil War and Reconstruction were over, and especially after the railroad arrived in 1877, the Menger became the best-known hotel in the Southwest. It was praised for the cuisine offered in the Colonial Dining Room. True stuff. I never stayed there or ate there, but it is a beautiful place!

Boyd Gray from Texas has a different experience with the hotel. He sent this in via the website and gave it the title, Awesome Hotel and the ghosts are pretty cool too!

I’m sure most people that are into ghosts or the paranormal have heard about the Menger Hotel. It has a long history and has seen its fair share of events, but I won’t bore you with it ( it doesn’t hurt that it is parked next to the Alamo either). I Love the Menger and not because it produces some of my favorite encounters but because it is a great old hotel and the staff there is always on point. I’m not much of a modern hotel guy. I like a hotel with history and charm instead of a modern look or a bunch of extras.


Story time! My first stay at the Menger didn’t produce results and even the ghost tour was pretty standard but hey it was well done and I learned the history. The next trip back was a different story. I booked there again because I just like the hotel and the staff. I Checked in and went up to my room which was located on the Alamo side unlike the first time. I passed a mirror in the hallway that overlooked the balcony and I saw a woman dressed in period clothing. At first I thought it was one of the ghost tour ladies cause that’s how they dressed, but by the time I wiped my head around to look at her…. she wasn’t there. 

I shook my head. I thought I was overlaying the painting from downstairs in my head, however, when I got closer to my room door there was another mirror at the end of the hallway and I saw her in the reflection again. I turned around to see if there was someone behind me and there was no one. That made me uneasy but I smiled and thought that this was going to be a good trip even if I didn’t experience another thing. 

Well, it didn’t stop there. Later that night I was getting ready to go out to dinner. My bathroom light came on all by itself, and no joke it looked like there was a shadow being cast onto the floor coming out of the bathroom. I walked over and looked in and couldn’t find a reason for the shadow, which I was now standing on. Well, I quickly finished getting ready and went to dinner ( I needed a drink LOL). 

At dinner, my client asked how I liked the Menger and I told him I loved it. He asked if I had seen any shadows without people attached to him. I told him about the mirror woman but not the shadow in the bathroom. I wanted to figure that one out first. Got back to my room and the light was off in the bathroom, as I walked by I said thank you for turning it off half-joking. I put my stuff down and returned to the bathroom and turned the light on, no shadow. I tried some different things to make it happen but nothing close and all I kept thinking was there was a ghost laughing his butt off watching me try and figure it out! The night finished out quietly.

I have other experiences from that hotel that I could share. One involves a talking TV with the sound turned off.  Freaky bit of ghosting that was.

Boyd Gray – Texas

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