Grandma’s Rocking Chair

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“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” Ray Bradbury said that, and when you take in context with our stories, it makes all of these strange things possible. We can say we don’t believe this or that can’t be true. But, in truth, what in the universe is absolute? Only God knows the answer to that. This one from Allison Flores tests the boundaries of this premise in a story titled Grandma’s Rocking Chair.

Grandma'S Rocking Chair

When I was very young my grandmother passed away. I met her only a few times. The concept of death was not something I understood and I wasn’t even sure what was going on or why everyone was sad. I remember walking through the funeral looking at everyone crying and feeling so lost, feeling like I had something wrong with me. “Why am I not crying, what is wrong with me.” I thought to myself. 

This funeral was far from where I lived so we flew across the country to get there. We were staying in my grandmother’s house that she lived in and raised 4 kids in, all by herself. I was staying with my mom and I must have been about 5 or 6 years old. According to her I got up in the middle of the night and asked my mother if it was alright if I went to the bathroom, to which she of course said yes. I went to the bathroom and my mom heard me talking, thinking I was talking to myself. When I got  back I told her, “Mommy there is a lady sitting on the rocking chair outside the room.” 

My mom, for obvious reasons, freaked out. She walked out of the room and of course nobody was there. But the rocking chair was sitting in the middle of the hallway. She put the chair back where it belonged and went back to bed. Later that night my sister came into the room and woke us both up. She said that there was a banging on her door. My mom came out and in the middle of the hallway was that same rocking chair. 

This is absolutely true and my mother confirms all of it. I like to think of it as grandma watching over us that night.

Allison Flores – Kentucky

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