The Man With No Face

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We have another shadow story from Sue Milddleton who sent this in from Spokane, Washington. Sue has titled it  The Man With No Face. I am not sure why but this story really sent a shiver or two down my spine. I think it might have something to do with a dream I had as a kid that I never quite got over to this day. I hope that you enjoy it. 

I posted this story on reddit about a year ago. This happened back in 2017 and I was 11 years old. We were living in an old apartment building in Spokane. It was just me, my mom and little sister. I have always been obsessed with the paranormal, and would spend my time on youtube listening to ghost stories and things like that. It was during the halloween season, so we decided to go to Oktoberfest which is something we do every year. We bought this tablecloth that had a printing of a ouija board on it. I had always wanted one, but my mom was hesitant. Since this wasn’t a real ouija board she said okay. I still planned to try and play with it anyway to see if I could summon anything. But I never got around to it, so we just ended up hanging it in my room. 

The Man With No Face

A few months later I decided to get up early and go into the living room to watch cartoons. It was still dark outside, and my mom and sister were asleep. All was well at first, then I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black shadow figure dash from the kitchen into the hallway that led to our bedrooms. I instantly spun around and faced the direction where I saw the figure, of course there was nothing there. I shrugged it off and thought I could have just been seeing things in the dark. Fast forward again about a month later and that’s when things start to go down. My sister and I got home from school.  My mom starts to tell us that strange things were happening in our apartment, such as her thumb randomly going numb for no reason at all, the TV and radio messing up and becoming distorted, and our pet birds freaking out like something else was in the apartment. I wasn’t really scared at first, in fact I was excited. I always dreamed of having a paranormal encounter, and now it was finally happening. But soon I would learn that the paranormal is no laughing matter. 

That evening my mom said that she and my sister were going to go and take our dog, Sophie, on a walk. I said I wanted to stay behind to see if anything paranormal would happen, and my mom was ok with it. After that I was left in our apartment alone, and was just sitting there again watching the show Adventure Time on our TV. Suddenly my walkie-talkie that was sitting right by me sprang to life and a man’s voice began talking from the other end. This scared the crap out of me, and I instantly ran outside to meet up with my mom and sister to tell them what happened. She said it could have just been on the same channel as someone else, plus we lived right next to a railroad and sometimes there would be workers up there. But that didn’t make any sense. First off you could clearly see the railroad outside of the living room window, and there was no one out there. And my walkie-talkie had been turned off, so I have no idea how it could have just randomly turned on like that. When we got back the TV was all distorted, and our pet birds were going crazy. That same evening my sister ran out of her room. She said that she saw a faceless man standing in the room, but when we looked in there nothing was there. She was too scared to go back and I started getting a bit spooked as well. My mom was able to convince her everything was fine, and she was finally able to go to sleep. 

That night I woke up at 2:00 AM. I was groggy, but I remember looking at the ouija board table cloth and the yes and no were blinking. I was freaked out. Whenever me or my sister would wake up in the night we would go into my moms room and sleep there. My sister had woken up before me because she was already there, so I went and joined them. All three of us were awake, and tried to go back to sleep. But then things got started. We could hear what sounded like footsteps in our house. We also had a huge shelf of movies in the living room, and it sounded like someone was pulling them off the shelf. On top of all this we could hear pots and pans in the kitchen, and my walkie-talkie in the living room with that same man speaking through it. I don’t know what the voice was saying, but I could clearly hear someone talking. This went on for some time, maybe an hour or so.

The next morning everything mostly went back to normal, that was the last time we heard those noises, and nothing else strange really happened. What was weird was despite the noises, nothing seemed to be out of place. None of our movie cases were scattered or anything. But I knew it wasn’t simply a dream because my sister and mom remember it too. Soon after my mom threw the ouija board tablecloth in the trash, and refuses to buy anything else like that to this day. 

Sue Milddleton 

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