The Old School Master

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This story has no explanation. It comes from Doris Powers who live in Ohio. She sent this in via the website and haas titled it The Old School Master.

One night around 10pm my husband and I were sitting in the living room trying to find a movie to watch on Amazon Prime. We have four video surveillance cameras outside. Two that point to the front door at different angles, one for the back yard and one for the side of the house. The monitor screen is kept in the living room on a table next to the recliner that I was sitting in. I had just sat down when I heard a child’s voice come over the monitor, “hellooooooo” 

I thought to myself for a minute. Does my son have his bedroom window open and is he yelling through it for some reason? Then I remembered.. no it can’t be. He was sleeping in my bed. I called up to him and he answered. I looked back at the monitor screen and I saw this man, who appeared to be very tall. He was wearing a red and white flannel shirt. He was holding a little girl’s hand, she looked like she had striped long sleeves with frizzy white hair. They were walking up the steps to get to our front door, so I turned to my husband and said “somebody is here!”

Now I need to point out here that we live in the middle of absolute nowhere by a swamp. My closest neighbors are bears and coyotes and a couple Amish houses about a mile or so down the road. So, there are never-ever any people walking down our street at night on this rural back road. So it seemed very strange to us. Just as the man and the girl get to our front door, my husband opens it and they’re gone. Not a single trace or sign of them. My husband went outside to see if he could see any cars, but there was nothing. We thought maybe they were having car trouble and stopped for help but there were no signs of that. I got our dog, grabbed a flashlight, and went outside, but nothing was there. We searched for quite a while.

My husband suggested that we go back over the camera footage. However, nothing was recorded on any of them. We both saw them, so we know it happened. My husband didn’t believe in ghosts. However, after seeing that he has changed his mind. We have lived in this house for four years and have never experienced anything like it .

My husband admitted that one night while I was working late he saw something moving in the yard and thought it was an animal. When he went out to look, our son’s tire swing was swinging back and forth like crazy. Another thing, quite recently our son doesn’t like to sleep in his bed because it sounds like something is crawling around under it.

The original part of the house was built in the 1800s and was used as a school house. An addition was put onto the house 20 years ago to make it bigger. The old school master’s house used to be across the street. It had fallen into disrepair so we had it demolished. These events happened the day after the final work was completed.

What happened is really weird, and we’ve come to terms with it, probably a ghost sighting. Perhaps the old school master is moving on.  I know I’m not crazy because we saw them and heard them too. I’ve not seen any ghosts in my lifetime. I just wondered what took so long for me to see one here. What bothers me is that it seemed like they wanted to get my attention and that makes me feel very uneasy. So. Weird.

Update: Our son still hasn’t been sleeping in his room. He tells me he sees things and I believe him 100%. We are turning what used to be his playroom into a new bedroom. I wanted to see what he was experiencing so I went and tried to sleep in his room and every single night I would have a nightmare. So We said he can sleep in our room until his new room is ready, which will hopefully be in a couple days. – Doris Powers 

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