The Music Never Stops

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We have a short story with no explanation. It was sent in for us by Bryant Fowler who lives in the great state of New York. He has titled his story, The Music Never Stops.

Hello Ron, never miss the show. So the past few nights I have been hearing music. I can’t tell what kind of music exactly but it sounds like a mixture between jazz and classical. The scariest incident happened a few nights ago when I was out in my living room in the darkness talking to one of my buddies over discord. Just texting, no voice chat. Then I heard the music for the second time that week. I got up, was more curious than scared and went into the dining room. Now I thought originally, “ok, my girlfriend is still in bed. It’s 4AM and maybe she is up? Snapchatting or something? As soon as I went into the dining room it shifted and sounded like it was coming from the room I just left, the exact opposite way of the dining room. I chased it around for a good solid 5 minutes before it just went away. We’re not the type of people to just have radios laying around, we keep one for emergencies only. I still don’t know what to make of this and it still freaks me out today. Do you have any idea of what it was?  For the record it is NOT the neighbors. The closest one to us is a good 500 feet away.

Well Bryant I have no idea what you heard. I did some research on the internet and I found a family in Lockport that said strange sounds, including music and talk radio, have been coming out of their walls and keeping them up at night off and on for about six years. It may sound like an episode of the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things,” but the mysterious sounds they are hearing are real. They captured some of the late night noise on a phone and sent it to a local TV station. The music was faint, but you could hear it. The family called Lockport police, who took two detailed reports about the bizarre problem. In one, the officer noted that he could hear voices and music. Then the officer said he heard a commercial for the Christian radio station AM 1160. The station sent out an engineer to investigate the transmission. He said, ‘I got to be honest with you. I have no idea what is receiving the signal. There is nothing that can explain why you’re actually hearing it.’ The family tore up the wall of their daughter’s bedroom to inspect the electrical grounding, but nothing was found and the phenomenon still continues. 

I doubt that helps much, but it might give you a place to start. Thank you for your story.


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