Can Ghosts Dial A Phone?

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When asked his thoughts on science fiction Ray Bradbury had this to say, “I don’t write science fiction,” he said. “Science fiction is a depiction of the real. Fantasy is a depiction of the unreal.” So, from that we can conclude that Ray wrote fantasy, which when you think about it makes a lot of sense. Unlike our story for today which is a real head scratcher. It was sent via the website by Dennis Ducane from Seattle, Washington. I won’t include his entire email, but he did ask the question, “Can ghosts dial a phone?”

Can Ghosts Dial A Phone

One night a friend rushed me out of the house to catch the opening act at a local bar’s music night. After a few drinks I realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket. I checked the table we were sitting at, the bar, the bathrooms, and after no luck. I used my friend’s phone to call mine. After two rings someone answered, gave out a low raspy giggle, and hung up. They didn’t answer again. I eventually gave it up as a lost cause and headed home. When I got home I found my phone laying on my nightstand, right where I left it. – Dennis Ducane 

Creepy as all get out Dennis and proves the point that you should never leave your phone at home alone. Thank you for sending this one in and to answer your question. I am not sure if ghosts can dial phones, and I am not sure I want to know.

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