The Little Pink Shed

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This story was sent in by Shelby Trask from Florida. For the record I edited this one, a lot, for language. Not judging, and I did get Shelby’s permission. This is one of the more creepy tales we have had and every time I read it I get the chills. – Ron

The Little Oink Shed

25 years ago I moved in with my cousin and her roommate Jose. The house was an old cement block three bedroom one bath house with a large fenced yard. He had two large German Shepherds that lived there and were mostly in the yard. The house is in Clairmel, Florida in a crummy packed suburban neighborhood. Nothing special. The rent was cheap. 50 bucks a week from what I remember and the house was clean and since my cousin lived there I moved in. We all got along well. Everyone worked. We pretty much kept to ourselves and saw each other for a few minutes here and there. I lived there for about 6 months. After these events I moved out.

On a weekend night we all happened to be off from work. We decided to invite some friends over from the pool hall that we frequented and Jose invited some people over that he worked with at the pharmaceutical lab. There were probably 20 twenty people there total.

We played music and did what young people do. Eventually it got pretty late and we found ourselves talking about ghosts. We all shared stories. My cousin and I come from a pretty spooky family so we had some good ones and everybody was really into the discussion. However, Jose was quiet throughout and waited until things quieted down and said, “This house is haunted.” 

My cousin and I shot each other a look and then both laughed because, yeah, sometimes Jose’s 20 pound house cat would meow at the empty hallway. But that was it. He proceeded to tell us that there was a presence in the house but that it mostly stayed in this tiny little pink wooden shed in the backyard. I had never even looked in there before.

He told us that he always keeps the curtains in his bedroom closed because his window faces the shed and the door won’t stay shut. He has jammed it close a million times and it always pops back open. It creeps him out. He said he could tell when it was in the house because he would wake up feeling depressed.

It creeped me out. I didn’t want to think that I lived with a “presence” and I didn’t like the idea that it was hurting my roommate. I was a “tough” chick in my opinion and I was like, “Truffles to that ghost. I’ll shut that door and you won’t have to keep your curtains closed anymore!”

I said all this because in my heart I didn’t *really* believe that anything was in the shed or the house. So I told them all that I was going outside to inspect the shed and deal with the door. Everyone followed me and while we were walking around the outside of the house Jose told me that it was a bad idea to mess with the shed. Also, whatever it was wanted that door open and I should just leave it alone. 

We all got out there and it was exactly what I thought it was going to be. A very worn down wooden shed that oddly kinda looked like a tiny house. I looked inside and there was a busted lawnmower, some old paint buckets, rusty window screens, and of course darkness. I looked around outside and found a rusty shovel leaning up against a tree. I took it, walked over to the shed, and I kicked the door back into its frame. The door was closed and I took the handle of the shovel and pushed it through the handle of the shed door. I shoved that into the ground so It was secure. 

We all went back inside and talked some more but it was late. Everyone said their goodbyes. We let the dogs out of their pen in the yard and locked the gate. We made sure the front gate was secured so they wouldn’t get out and then we straightened up the house a little and all went to bed. 

Sometime around 6AM I woke up and I opened my bedroom door. I was still sleepy but there was a weird sound. It startled me. Like fingernails scraping something coarse. I fully opened the door and that dang rusty shovel fell through the doorway and hit me!  I can’t even put into words how I felt at that moment. 

The shovel had been standing against my bedroom door. There was a tiny pile of dirt where the tip had been sitting. I rushed through the house. To the side door, which was locked and then out to the back yard. The shed door was wide open. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I ran back into the house.

I immediately pounded on both Jose and my cousin’s bedroom doors. I was terrified and angry. I knew, absolutely knew, that one of them had done this! However, after seeing their reactions I promise you neither of them did it. 

Jose literally started to weep. He begged me to tell him I was lying. He begged my cousin to admit that she had done it. When neither of us would take responsibility he went to the store and got a bunch of candles, produced a rosary and started to pray whatever it was. My Spanish wasn’t even close to fluent enough to keep up with his pleas. 

My cousin on the other hand was just ticked off. She was ready to fight me and was adamant that I was pulling a prank! When I knew that neither of them had done it I was literally terrified. There was no way someone else got into the yard, passed the dogs, got the shed door open and then got into the house. I didn’t sleep there again. Every moment spent there after that was beyond intense. We all kind of stopped talking to each other and Jose and my cousin ended up in a terrible argument. She moved out within a week. It took me two weeks to find another place to live and I never went back. 

Shelby Trask – Florida

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