The Haunted Painting

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This one presents two sides of a story. We all see things differently and that is what makes life …interesting. It comes from Alex Hannibal from Aurora, Colorado. Alex is currently a postal worker and served two tours as a marine in Afghanistan. Thank you for your service! Alex has titled this one The Haunted Painting.

Hey Ron! When I was a kid I used to live in a haunted house (confirmed by my mom, family and some family friends) so today I have a story to tell. (Sorry if my writing is not the best, I had a hard time thinking about this) First, I’m gonna tell my side of the story. I’m sorry if the details are a bit fuzzy but I don’t remember much. I was only like 3 or 4 years old.

Circa 1994 I lived in a house with my mom, I don’t have any brothers or sisters and I always wanted one to play with because I felt lonely sometimes. I remember that some days I used to play in between a wall and the door of my bedroom with a little girl (You know when you open a door slightly and an angle is formed between the door and the wall). I always thought that she was my imaginary friend because I would often hear about them in movies and TV shows. I remember my mom asking about my imaginary friend and I told her that she had her face covered in some sort of mud or dirt and that I could only see her eyes. I told my mom that she was in a car accident and that’s why her face was like that. I still remember that face so vividly to this day (I’m 32 at the moment).

I remember my mom used to have people with her in our house and they would often stay in the living room talking about stuff. My mom always told me to stay in her bedroom until they were gone.

Some strange things that happened at that time. My mom often would visit the grave of a friend of hers that had recently passed away and she would cry a lot saying things like “take me with you, I can’t do this anymore” and stuff like that. I never thought about it because I was so little and I didn’t understand what was going on.

Fast forward a few of years (2004/2005) my mom was getting married and the photographer was a friend of hers (I’m going to call her Laura), so before the photo session we went to Laura’s house and they start talking about random stuff and then something pops out to me: Laura asked my mom if our house was still haunted. Something clicked and I started asking questions to both my mom and Laura.

Laura told me that one time she went to our house but there was nobody there and she wrote something on a post-it note and stuck it on our front door. When she was doing so she saw the curtains move as if someone had stuck its head out to look outside. She found that quite strange and asked my mom about it. My mom told her the story about what was going on. I started questioning my mom about it and she finally told me the whole story. Here is what she told me.

Apparently in 1994 my mom worked in the same place as a neighbor (a girl about the same age as my mom. I’m gonna call her Abigail). They became close friends. Abigail’s mom used to sell paintings and my mom asked to buy one that had a couple of angels and a bible verse. It’s worth mentioning that I don’t remember this painting at all. Right after this Abigail and her 5 year old daughter were killed in a car accident.

When my mom got the painting hung up strange stuff started happening in our home. She would often see an apparition of a woman and a little girl. The woman was always in a bad mood and sometimes our house would start to freeze in some rooms. Where we lived at the time had an average temperature of around 104 °F in summer. Also things would break and stuff would fall off the shelfs.

So my mom started looking for help and called a church group to pray in our home (the group of “friends” that I mentioned earlier). There wasn’t any improvement in the situation so she and my grandma went to see some sort of medium. My mom told her about what was happening in our house at the time, and that she would often visit her friend’s grave and cry for help. The medium told my mom that when she went to visit her friend’s grave she wasn’t talking to her friend. She was speaking to something or someone else. The medium wanted to go to our house and see for herself.

When she got there she told my mom that the house had several spirits and that they came from something inside our home. She asked if my mom was given a present or if she bought something new when everything started to happen. My mom told her about the painting. The medium told her to burn the painting because it could be what was causing everything. So, my mom called her brother and they tried to burn it but it wouldn’t catch fire. She went back to the medium some days later and with her help they were able to destroy it. After that everything went back to normal. We moved to a new city and started using that house as storage. 

One day I went back to visit my grandparents who still lived in the area, but there was a wild thunderstorm that cut the electricity for the entire block. PUD told us that it would be at least a week before the power would get back on. So we had the idea to go to our old home and stay there until power was restored. We went to the house and tried to unlock the front door with no success. I tried unlocking the back door and that didn’t work either. So I broke in. When I did that there was a scream inside the house that rang out like thunder. I ran in and searched the house. We found nothing. Needless to say we went and got a hotel room and my grandparents would never go back to the house again. A few months later I cleaned the place out and sold it. 

Alex Hannibal – Aurora, Colorado

Alex, that is one heck of a good story. So much collaborating stuff. I have no doubt that the little girl in the car accident is your invisible friend. And perhaps that painting was nothing more than a painting. Thank you for sharing this with us. Truly amazing!

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