My Night Job Is Haunted

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Our story comes from Carlton Jacobs who writes to us from somewhere in California. He has titled this My Night Job Is Haunted!

My Night Job Is Haunted

I work as a night janitor for several small businesses in my city. One of my main locations, which I clean daily, is an animal hospital. There is a kennel where sometimes there are hospitalized patients overnight. There is a grief room for families to spend their last moments with their pets, and they also have a cremation machine for animals that have died. I often see their ashes in a tray in that room. I have always gotten a strange energy from those two rooms that I don’t feel anywhere else in the hospital. not a bad energy, just melancholy, and the hints of spirit activity.

A few months ago I started experiencing the feeling that I’m being followed or watched. I’ll look around and do a quick walk through the hospital to make sure, but find nothing. Since this started I’ve become more aware of my surroundings and keeping my eye out, and sure enough, I see shadows of animals moving out of the corner of my eye. I’ll see a flash of an orange cat’s tail, or a slinky looking cat creeping against the wall. I wear earbuds at work, but I’ll still hear barking. When I take them out… nothing. The first thing I do every day is check to see if there are any hospitalized patients and yes I have heard barking even if there are no overnight guests. The most common place I see shadows is the grief room, and the most common place I hear animal sounds is the kennel. No bad energy at all, I just think there are some lost pets who are looking for their families.  – Carlton Jacobs

Well Carlton, that does sound creepy. Have you ever thought about capturing some evidence of your experiences? I for one would love to hear anything that you pick up. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


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