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This week’s story ran on the show a few months ago on episode #509. It comes from Sonia Norman who sent this from Pennsylvania. I like this one because I have never heard of a protective grandmother who just happens to be a ghost. Sonia has titled her story Grandma’s Tricks.

So, before anything, I’m going to confirm that we do have at least one ghost in our house. It’s a woman, and several neighbors have confirmed seeing her. She’s the grandma of my mom’s boyfriend and he’s claimed to have felt her as well. Me and my mom have also seen a shadow go from a room to the bathroom and vice versa. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

It was around 12 AM, and I had just finished taking a shower. Everyone’s asleep. My family, the neighbors, everyone. My neighborhood sleeps like a log. I enter my room, which happens to be in the basement, and head towards my bed.  Then I hear a woman’s laugh. It felt as if she was in front of me, and sitting on my bed. I thought to myself okay, no biggie. Maybe she’s amused at something; I know she’s not inherently harmful. Just overprotective over mom’s boyfriend. So I turned on the bedroom lights and laid down, trying to sleep and act like it didn’t happen.

Unfortunately an hour passes and I haven’t fallen asleep. Mom’s boyfriend wakes up and turns on the TV upstairs. I go up and start talking to him about the laugh. He tells me to ignore it and it should be over. We start talking about other experiences we have both had. There was a flicker of a light on the balcony… that light has been dead for years. It never turns on. I point it out, but we keep talking about past experiences. The light flickers again, and this time I’m a bit more scared, but he laughs it off saying grandma is just trying to get your goat and on cue the light flickered a third time.  After a bit I decided to go back to my room.

My body had chills all over, and all I could feel was fear and dread. There was nothing else, just sleepiness and fear. Thirty minutes passed and the chills still hadn’t left my body. I looked around the room knowing that I was not alone. Then in the corner a flame starts to flicker. It forms into the shape of a woman and she starts wagging her finger at me.  I am twenty-three years old and tore out of that room and ran to my mom’s bedroom. I jumped into bed with her and never left her side for the rest of the night. Now, you might ask where the boyfriend slept? Quite honestly I didn’t care. – Sonia Norman

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