The Halloween Ghost

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Our story is from Valerie Alexis Barnes who lives near Canterbury somewhere in the United Kingdom. She has titled her story The Halloween Ghost. The British have long celebrated Guy Fawkes Day on November 5, but now October 31 is a lot more appealing. In England, Halloween is hot right now. Houses and shops are decorated with images of witches, pumpkins and Micheal Myers. A brief history of Halloween in the UK can be found at this link.

Valerie’s is one of those who celebrates Halloween and here is her tale:

The Halloween Ghost

It was Halloween evening and I was around 10 years old – I’m 18 now. I was standing in our living room with my friends and brothers. There were five of us all watching out the window, waiting for late arriving trick or treaters. It was dark outside, around eight in the evening, when we saw a blue glowing figure floating up the road. I remember thinking about a classic cartoon ghost, like one you would see in Mario. But a part of me also remembers an old 17th century man in nightwear. I think this is because that’s what my brother saw and it has changed my perception over the years. 

Anyway, it walked/ floated up the road for about ten meters and then vanished behind a street light. We were all baffled. The weird thing is that I can’t remember anything before or after. Just when we saw it. I’ve tried to ask the others there what they remember and they too can only recall the single event. My twin brother and I still remember it clearly and it shakes us up every time we speak about it. This is the only paranormal experience I’ve ever had in my life, but it has made me believe in it all. – Valerie Alexis Barnes

That is an odd tale and with so many witnesses it is impossible to refute. Was it a ghost or just a blue glowing man in a nightshirt? I am going with the ghost idea.

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