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There are a lot of threads that tie paranormal stories together and I think that we have had them all on Ron’s Amazing Stories. For example when it comes to orb stories they are reported as being orange most of the time. Black Eyed Kids stories most always present a child wanting to come into your house or get in the car with you. And another one is that ghosts seem to like the closet. Ira Montaque, who lives in New York, tells his story Ghost In The Closet.

I live in a small studio apartment that has a large window, a couch that makes a bed, a tiny kitchen area, no bathroom, and a walk-in closet. Yes, you read that right. From what I understand that room at one time was a bathroom, but for whatever reason they went with a community restroom. 

When I first moved in I liked the idea of the closet. The shared bathroom thing took a bit to get used to because it is coed. But that is a story for another genre of podcast. I decided to make the closet into a work/game room. This turned out great because during the great lockdown I had to work from home nearly all of the time. 

I never noticed anything strange until one night I heard a knocking sound coming from the closet. I went in to investigate and there he, she, maybe it was. A dark blob, sort of human shaped, sitting at my desk. It appeared to turn and look at me and then vanished. I was stunned to say the least and stood there for sometime. In the end I was sure I was seeing things and went back to bed. The next night the event was repeated. This time I knew it was real.

It didn’t happen the next few nights, but then the event occurred again. This time I tried to talk to it, but got nothing back for my troubles. The weird thing is that I felt no fear. I should have been scared out of my wits. 

Now, I mentioned the bathroom thing. I decided to ask folks that I ran into if they had seen anything. Mostly I got the odd type looks, but the general response was that they knew not of what I speak. I contacted the building staff and asked them about it. I was directed to the building manager and got this dialog.

“How can I help you?”
“I have been seeing this shadow man in my closet.”
“I see”
“He appears every few days.”
“I see”
“A dark blob sitting on my desk chair.”
“I see”
“Do you know anything about this?”
“What apartment are you in?”
“I see.”
“Do you know anything?”
“Well, this is not the first time I have heard about this.”
It was my turn to say, “I see” and I added, “Tell me more”
“Well, it is a bit before my time, but that room once housed Brad somebody. My understanding is that he had an unfortunate encounter with a … well …mistress. He was found a few weeks later after the neighbors complained of an odor. Police were able to apprehend the girl and she was held at Rikers Island until her death.”
I looked at the man, “So I live with this Brad?”
“Yes, it appears you do. I can put you on the waiting list for another apartment.”
“No”, I said, “It took me a year to get in here!”  I thanked him for his time and went home. 

So Ron, I live with a ghost named Brad. It’s not too bad and only unnerves me a bit when I think about it. He is a quiet roommate unless he does that knocking thing. I hope that you enjoyed my story and share it with your people. – Ira Montaque

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