The Run Around Man

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Our story was sent to us via the web site by Lee Garcia from New York. It is the perfect example of the Head scratcher.

The Run Around Man

Before my family moved, we lived in a small town called Waterford, outside Albany, NY. It was along the Mohawk River, and is very close to where the Mohawk and Hudson connect in the Erie Canal system. We lived in a small house at the time, around 15 years ago.

My parents both had instances in the house where they would hear me as a 3 year old having conversations by myself in my room. They were freaked out by this, obviously. When they asked me who it was, I would always give the same response, “The Run-Around Man”

This also coincided with an experience they had where the lights in the kitchen would turn on and off at will. When they had someone come look at it, they said it was perfectly fine but it never stopped. One day my father was watching the wall switch and it moved on its own right in front of him.

Years later my parents found out from some people who had lived in the town for many years that the house used to be occupied by a handyman in the 1920s and 30s. He was referred to around town as “The Run-Around Man”. His family lived there until a fire nearly destroyed the house and he was killed.

On a side note; my family moved from that house in the mid-2000s. It was torn down after massive flooding from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. – Lee Garcia

There’s not much anyone can say about that story. It truly left me scratching my head in wonder. I am always interested in looking things up and I decided to look into Waterford. I found an amazing photo of the flooded streets in 2012. I also found this little tale. Cohoes Falls is a waterfall that runs off the Mohawk River between the city of Cohoes and the town of Waterford. It was originally named Gahaoose, meaning “The Place of Falling Canoe.” Legend has it that a Native American girl was canoeing on the river one summer night when the current overtook her, forcing her to fall off the falls to her death. Her ghost has since been spotted on nights of the full moon, wearing war paint and paddling against the rapids. Sounds like your town has quite the history Lee.

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