That’s My Dad

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This story comes from the great city of Los Angeles. It was sent in by Leslie Jennings and she has titled it, That’s My Dad. I got chills as I read it and have to say I won’t forget this one. Many stories we have are so dark. This one felt refreshing and I totally believe it. I am collecting stories for a book. I can guarantee that this one is going to make the cut.

I was 12 maybe 13, currently 24 and I remember this like it was yesterday.  My mom bought a new house. She was hoping for a fresh start. The house needed some cosmetic work done but otherwise was really nice. It was a three bedroom home just perfect for us. It had a fenced-in backyard so we could finally have a dog. Once we moved in things were great, never noticed anything too weird. But I guess that is how all these stories start. I don’t remember exactly when but I remember how. 

That's My Dad

Every morning I would wake up to find my closet door open. I didn’t think too much of it, my sister was around six then, and she always was getting into my stuff. Then I started having weird dreams of a shadow man that stood in my closet. I knew he was watching me but I was too scared to move or say anything. This kept happening every night and it was affecting my sleep. So much so I was falling asleep in class at school. My mom asked what was going on and I explained my dreams. At first she brushed it off as a recurring nightmare. But they kept coming and my life was not a happy one.

One day I got this bright idea to bring all my heavy school books home and put it in front of my closet door thinking that would stop this creep from watching me. The next morning I woke up in horror to see my book bag with my history, biology and English textbooks in it pushed aside and the door open! Now I knew this was real! I told my mom everything and she decided to do some digging online about the house. I thought to myself, “like, why didn’t you do this before we bought the place?” 

She couldn’t find anything so she went around to the neighbors and asked if anyone knew anything about the house. They told her a drug dealer used to live there and was murdered. He apparently was stabbed multiple times. Honestly, I don’t know how my mom felt but she put on a tuff front and figured out a way to have the house cleansed. Well the story doesn’t end here. The last time he appeared to me was probably the most terrifying. 

That night while trying to fall asleep I heard the door creak open and stupidly I looked. I saw the man. He was a heavier set guy with a bald head. He had dark eyes and a blank look on his face, kind of sad looking. He had a tattoo on his neck and he was probably in his 40s. I can still picture him clear as day. I wanted to scream, but I ran to my little sister’s room and slept on her floor. 

The next day we were playing outside when a car I didn’t recognize pulled into our driveway. My mom came out outside concerned about this stranger. She walked up to the car and talked to the driver. Then a young girl hopped out; she had to be 14 or 15 not too sure. My mom talked to her for a while then called me over. She explained that she used to live here and it was her dad who was killed in the house. In fact she was in the house when it happened along with both of her grandparents. She told us that her dad decided to quit drug dealing so he could be better for his daughter. Then one day a guy, who was looking for some drugs, came by and didn’t like that he couldn’t get any. A fight broke out when her dad tried to make him leave. He died protecting his family. 

After I heard that I became overwhelmed with emotion this was a lot for me to take in. My mom asked me if I could explain to her what I’ve seen. So I did. Then the girl started to cry after I described the man. She said, “that’s my dad”. I was so confused and honestly kind of scared. She pulled out a picture and showed me and sure enough her dad was the ghost I had seen in my closet. My mom let her walk through the house one last time. After that day I never saw him again, no dreams, and my closet never opened on its own again. – Leslie Jennings

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