Gary The Ghost

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This week’s tale was posted on the submission page by Candice Milkwayer of Mason, Arizona. She has titled this one Gary The Ghost.

Hi everyone! Just want to start this off by saying I am a skeptic, or at least was until a couple of years ago. I had just gotten with my boyfriend. I was staying over and I heard some tapping right next to me. I asked him if he had a ghost to which he responded, “Oh no, why what’s happened?” 

Gary The Ghost
Gary The Ghost

However, he had many different experiences which he previously had not made me aware of. Skip forward a few months and we were married. We decided to live in his place, and it has been anything but spiritually quiet. There’s random noises, and someone keeps walking up/down the stairs at night.

I set up a desk in our spare bedroom for my work, and on the top shelf I placed two bobble heads that we got made of ourselves. I placed them central, facing me. One day, I went downstairs for lunch, and when I came back, my bobble head was on the other side of the shelf, facing the wall. I might point out I was totally alone in the house. My first thought was that this ghost doesn’t like me. It was then we began referring to our guest as “Gary”.

The next event is a really weird one. My husband has seen “Gary” in the night as a dark silhouette. I hadn’t. That was until I felt like I had been woken up, opened my eyes, and saw a silhouette by my side of the bed. I frantically shook my husband who woke and could also see it. The creature started to move towards me and it waggled its finger at me. It wasn’t clearly defined, but I am pretty sure it was the middle finger. I am absolutely freaking out now. Everything I have read says shadow men means bad.

We asked for help from the pastor of a church. He came over, but refused to bless the home. He said that doing so went against his beliefs. As he was about to leave his hat came flying off the table and hit him in the face. He ran out of there and we never heard from him again.

Strange things keep happening. Books fall off the shelves, keys get lost, and even our dog has barking fits  at things we just can’t see. My husband is looking into finding someone to come speak to Gary but I don’t know if that’d just upset it more? Ron, do you have any thoughts? – Candice Milkwayer

Well I am in agreement with your husband. Finding someone to come talk to Gary makes a whole lot of sense. I have heard of things like this before and they seem to just stop on their own. However, being proactive might be best for you and Gary too. Thank you for sharing your story.

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