The Train Whistle

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I am pretty sure that I have mentioned that I love a good train ride. This story comes from Jessica McCormack who lives in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Her train ride was the stuff of nightmares and might not be as fun as traveling across the country on Amtrak. Jessica has titled her story, The Train Whistle

Hello Ron. If I remember right you love strange stories and I have one for you. This took place when I was a Junior or Sophomore in high-school. Growing up I lived in a small farm town that has been around since the early 1800s. There are tons of grave sites and corn fields.

The Train Whistle

One summer evening my friend and I were riding our bikes down a trail and stumbled upon a gated graveyard that was surrounded by  forest. There were no houses or train tracks for quite a few miles. We went into it to see if we knew any names. The oldest grave dated back to the late 1700s and the youngest was 1920. The names on the grave sites were all similar so we assumed it was a private family cemetery.

As we continued to explore I felt very uneasy as if I was disturbing the peace of the area. Next thing you know we hear three distinct whistle blows. Like from a child’s train whistle that you would buy at a native American trading post, or a nick-nack store in a touristy area. The whistle was coming from the forest and kept getting closer to us, always coming in 3s. “Choo choo choo” After hearing the sound approaching we hightailed it out of there.

We hopped back on bikes and started back down the trail. The whistle kept following us and the further we got away the more intense it became. By that I mean it was sounding more and more like a real train. We finally broke out off the trail and the sounds just stopped.

I have no idea what was making those sounds. We were not near a train track or play ground for that matter. The only explanation I have is that someone was waiting in the forest for another person to come by to scare them or it was some ghost child messing around. I will leave that up to you. – Jessica McCormack

Well Jessica, that is a pretty freaky story! I have a feeling that it wasn’t anyone waiting around for a joke. But I have no idea what it was. I do know that train sounds and whistles are a good source of some great paranormal stories. Thank you for your tale.

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