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Our story comes from home. Literally and figuratively. It was written by Yvonne originally from Minnesota. Yvonne is not the name I associate with her. You see I have always called her Mom. My mom is 96 years-old. Here is her story about her dad and mom.

Grandpa Redal

The year was 1971. My dad was a retired pastor when this story occurred. Retired, is just a word as far as he was concerned. Instead of relaxing to a simple lifestyle he became the pastor for congregations who were either waiting to find a replacement or theirs were incapacitated in some way. In fact, he had recently returned from one in Arizona where he had served for six months. That’s hard work for a retired man.

He and my mom were planning to move to Hudson, New York. He would become the pastor of a congregation there for who knows how long. I was totally against it. He was quite ill, and walking was almost impossible. However, he insisted. The furniture they needed had already been sent! So, I took them to the train where they would move across the country from Washington State to New York. The picture of them leaving is a memory I will never forget! Mom was wrestling with two suitcases, and dad was carrying a small box. I always wondered what was in that box, probably only his cigars. He did like his cigars!

When they arrived in New York they knew they had to get to the airport to take a plane to Hudson. They thought that there would be a bus provided but the girl at the desk said it would be up to them. She pointed to a glass door where they could get a taxi. They headed out and saw hundreds of taxis and thousands of people all looking for a ride. 

”How are we ever going to get one of those taxis?”, Mom said as she dragged the suitcases outside. 

Dad still hung on to that little box. All of a sudden two young men came to where they were standing, “We will take care of you,” they said.  

One of the men picked up the suitcases and the other man took dad’s arm. They brought them to a place where there was only one taxi waiting and it all was quiet. The man helped dad into the back seat and the other took care of the suitcases. Mom turned to thank those young men, but they were not to be found, anywhere! She looked up and down the street and saw nothing except taxis and people getting in them. Where were the young men?

My mom always said they were angels sent to aid them in a very tough time. They did arrive in Hudson and my dad took over the church. It would be his last, because he would pass away a few months later.  He is buried in Hudson NY and my mom returned to Washington State to live out the rest of her days.  – Yvonne Redal – Minnesota

I have heard this story many times. It always boggles my mind each time it gets told. I had the pleasure of hearing my grandmother tell it and to me it only reminds how simple life can be if we let it. After all, the birds of the fields get taken care of everyday. Who do you think does that?

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