The Tall Man From Roswell

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Sometimes the best stories can be the short ones. This one comes from Benito Martez from the land of enchantment San Pablo, New Mexico. I urge you to take a moment and think about this and ask yourself, Okay then, where did he go?

Hello Ron, I live in a tiny little town where everyone knows everyone. We are also very close to the Mexican border which makes us a busy town. The other day I was downtown buying some grain and a man came up to me asking what was the best restaurant in town. I gladly helped him. I noticed that he was very tall, and very bald. That is something you don’t see around here. I asked him where he was from. He got very nervous and quickly said that he was from Roswell. Hmm, I thought and looked down at my watch. I turned back to him and he was gone. I do mean gone! I looked around the street. There were many short latinos, like me, everywhere, but no man from Roswell. A man that tall could not just disappear into the crowd. Could he? – Benito Martez

That is a strange story Benito and your right I tall man usually does stand out in a crowd. Unless you are at a basketball game.  Great story and thank you for sharing it!

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