Invisible Friends

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Our adventure this time comes from Buffalo, New York. Karen Harden used the story submission page on the main website to send in her tale.  She calls her story Invisible Friends at an Old Psych Hospital

I’d like to start off by saying how much I love your podcast!! It’s one of the best out there. Thank you so much for doing it every week as it makes my work day go by faster. Enough with the chit chat.

Invisible Friends

I used to volunteer at an old historic hospital here in the Western New York area and, as you may have figured, there are some “invisible” people that hang around the building. One day I came in early to get ready for one of the tours. It had been raining really hard that day and I had to walk through what seemed like a pond to get into the building. Due to it being a Saturday, the construction workers were not on site, therefore I was the only one there for a few hours.

I let myself in after “swimming” through the water, unlocked the doors and made sure everything was in order for that day’s tour. I then got comfortable by the “volunteer” entrance and waited for the docent to get here. The entrance was in the back of the building. You had to climb this real cool staircase to get to where we met the visitors as they arrived.

After a few minutes of waiting, I heard the door downstairs open, and some wet footsteps coming up. I’m like, ‘yay!, he’s here!!’ So, when it sounded like he was at the door right beside me, I opened it up to greet him but all I saw were wet footsteps that stopped right in front of the door. I thought I had gone and lost my mind. Then I reasoned that maybe the footsteps could’ve been mine, but I was in the building long enough for them to dry. Puzzling to be sure. That’s one of my little stories I have collected while I volunteered there. 

Karen Harden – New York

Well thank you Karen. Creepy! I agree it seems unlikely that they were your footprints after that much time had passed. I had to look up what a Docent was. It turns out that it is a person who acts as a guide or teacher on a voluntary basis. I didn’t know that.

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