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Our story comes from Dayne Wattley of Santa Fe, New Mexico. For those of you that listen to the podcast a lot, I know what you are saying, “Another one from NM?”  Well, yes this is another tale to come from the state whose motto is Crescit Eundo. Translated from Latin, it means “It grows as it goes”. It appears that its oddness is not limited to fantastic stories. Dayne writes: 

I hear you like strange stories from NM. Here is my entry. I was driving from Santa Fe to Las Vegas. Now, before you think this a long story I am talking about Las Vegas, NM (Population 14,565 and not a slot machine in site). However, there are a lot of lonely roads to the city.  I was about a half an hour out when I saw on the side of the road an old car broke down. There beside it was an even older man with this thumb out. I stopped and asked if he need help, to which he said he said, “Oh My Yes”

He hopped in the car and said he needed to get to Las Vegas. We drove and right off the bat I thought this guy was strange. He was talking like he was from another era. He said his name was Jimmy. He talked a lot about Roswell, but it was the way he was talking, you would think it all just happened. I ignored it and in truth it was nice to have someone to chat with. Just before we got to town he said that this was fine and that I could drop him here. I pulled over at diner and he hopped out, waved and said goodbye.

I started to drive away and happened to look back. He was gone! I mean gone-gone. There is no way he could have made the diner and there was nothing else there. I went back to look, nothing and I even checked a nearby run off trench. He had disappeared. 

I know it was crazy but I had to do it. I drove back to where I had picked the guy up and the car was gone. Nothing was there. I drove back to the diner and went inside. I must have had a certain look, because the waitress asked, “is everything okay honey?”

I told her my story and after a bit of silence and a giggle or two she told me that I had just met Jimmy.  The funny thing was I had not told her his name.

Dayne Wattley – Santa Fe, New Mexico

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