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Our story for this time has to be one of the most amazing guardian angel adventures to date. Some might argue that this is not an angel story at all. However, I have found sometimes our protectors don’t have to be spirits to do the job. Take this case from Agnes Oliver who resides in Manchester, England. Agnes writes:

Hello Ron, greetings from England. I heard your request for stories and I’ve  experienced quite a few. Manchester is a very old city and is full of its ghost lore.  I’ve never been one who traipses about looking for ghosts, but they always seem to find me. Some might not call this a ghost story but I tend to lump all spirituality together. The spirit world is what it is and when the veil is thin it tends to spill over. 

This story occurred when I was around the age of 12. We  were living in the northern part of Manchester at that time in a house that was nearly 200 years old.  The house was actually a sublet  of the church in the area.  Originally they used it for aspiring nuns. It was a place for them to decide if the nuns’ life was the life for them.  I always felt at home in this place, warm, safe, and secure. 

One evening my girlfriend Gretchen came over with her brand new Ouija board.  She wanted to show me how it worked and so we decided to make the evening of it.  We set it up in the basement thinking that this would be the one place that had ghosts if the house had ghosts. Try as we might we could not get any response from the board, absolute silence. We both thought that it was a total sham and that anyone who said different was probably just making it up.  

We were about to give up when all of a sudden things started falling off the walls and shelves by themselves. Cans, lamp shades, pictures, even a bag of nails split out onto the floor.  It was total chaos. We were amazed by what we saw, but not at all frightened. That peace and protection I spoke about earlier prevailed.  

Everything went quiet and we both felt a shiver go through our bodies at the same moment. Then we both heard a woman’s voice. It was disembodied and seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. It simply said, “I’ve protected you this round, but don’t play with what you don’t understand.”

Quicky we packed up the Ouija Board and placed it in the nearby furness. As it burned we both heard a sickly scream that died away as quickly as it came. We never told anyone of that experience, but a few weeks later I was attending mass at our local church.  Sister Martha, one of my teachers, called me over after the service.  She said, “I hope you learned a valuable lesson dear.” I told her I didn’t know what she was talking about, but then I realized that the voice I heard in our basement was that of Sister Martha. She just smiled and I could tell she knew the whole story. I never played with a Ouija Board again.

Agnes Oliver – Manchester, England

I get chills whenever I read this story. My thanks to Agnes for sharing it with us.


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