The Turkey Hunt

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We have an email from Peter Alan Jordan of Grand Island, Nebraska. Another name for this story might be Are We Hunting or Being Hunted.

You have said on your podcasts that you get a lot of mail from Texas. I am originally from there and what I am about to tell you happened there. So, add this one to the list. My buddy Harpy, that’s his nickname, and I was out hunting turkey near the Rio Grande. It is something we do every season. We hope to bag a big bird for our family tables in November. We usually do it, except for one season a few years back.

We went out that first day and Harpy got his bird right away.  So, we had to pack up head and back to the hotel. Along the way, we stopped at the butcher’s to have them ready for travel. The next day we got up early and headed out on the trail. The plan was to be out all day.  We had packed enough things so that we could even camp if we wanted to. We only had to get the one bird and were feeling pretty confident.

The hours went by and we had a couple close ones, but no trophy. We decided that we would head up into the hills and try our luck with some of the higher passes. That is when the feeling started. Both Harpy and I felt like we were being followed. So much so that I had Harpy hide and I kept walking a bit. Nothing came up after us. He rejoined and we continued our hunt. The hills around the Rio Grande are beautiful just about any time of year, but when it is crisp outside they take on a special look and feel, like no other on the planet.  On the right day, fog can roll up and fill the valleys, making you feel like you are a stranger in some bizarre sky.

With no bird in sight and evening getting close we decided to camp out for the night. In truth that was the plan the whole time. We had hoped that we would have both birds and this was going to be our campsite night. However, the night held its own ideas.

We had a lot of fun telling ghost-type stories and jokes. And yes we may have had a few sips of Wild Turkey to warm us up a bit. It was pretty late when we curled up in our comfortable sleeping bags and went to sleep. It was about 2 a.m. when the howls started. At first, it was just the one lonely howl, but then came the chorus. Normally it would be a beautiful haunting sound, but two guys alone in the woods? Not so much. We knew we had to be on guard and ready. Most importantly the fire had to built-up again and that meant getting more wood. We did it together, making as much noise as possible and a few minutes later had our fire roaring once more.

That should have been the end end of it. Oh, the wolves were fine we could hear that they were keeping their distance. But something was moving around at the edge of camp. Something big, and it did not care if we knew it was there. Snapping twigs, rock-throwing, and guttural grows assaulted us for the rest of the night. We held our little space in the world for several hours until daybreak. Just before dawn, everything stopped. We packed up, hiked out, and went home. The bad news? We were short one Turkey and a bit of our pride. 

Alan Jordan – Grand Island, Nebraska

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