An Owl Attack

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Our story for this week comes from our old friend Ray Peyton from Urania, Louisiana. Urania is a small town in the La Salle Parish of Louisiana. Ray is a writer and has submitted other stories to the show. He was a guest on Episode #201 in 2015 and told us what it is like to be a contractor in Iraq. He also shared his short story called Toy Soldiers. Here is another story of Ray’s from his series: Adventures of an Oilman and it is called, An Owl Attack. You can listen to his story in Episode #341.

Ray Peyton

In the mid-80s I worked as a dispatcher for Frank’s Casing Crew, which is an oilfield service company in Alvin, Texas. We had three dispatchers on staff. We worked 12-Hour shifts and rotated from days to nights, to off. The story I’m about to tell you happened to me and is forever emblazoned into my memory. The time frame of the entire story is about 5 minutes.

I was often alone there at night, and I didn’t see a living soul until 6:00 AM when my relief arrived to take over. Sometimes, if the business was slow, it would be so boring that at least once a shift I would take my cordless phone and my .22 caliber Ruger Pistol for a walk around the entire facility – you might call it a “Security Check”. In reality, I was just screwing off and taking a smoke break.

Now, there was this forty-foot flagpole sitting outside in front of the office by the parking lot. Most nights you could walk outside, look up, and see an old white owl perched at the very top of that pole. On this particular night I looked straight up that flag-less pole, and sure enough there sat the owl and she was looking down at me. We made “Eye Contact” I swear.  At forty feet away the owl didn’t look all that big or even threatening. It was at that moment “it happened”. 

I must admit I briefly considered shooting that owl. I know it was an evil thought – call it temptation – I wouldn’t have done it. I knew better. You just don’t kill a bird for the sake of killing – and especially not an endangered federally protected species like the owl. You could end up in the penitentiary. Also, no taxidermist would stuff it, so you couldn’t hang it on your wall. Federal game wardens love to use rule breakers to set an example for others and I knew it. It’s kind of like coveting your neighbor’s property and doing nothing. The bible says you’re still just as guilty. So anyway, at the very moment when I looked up at that owl and that evil thought passed quickly through my head. 

The owl must have read my mind. It left its perch, dove headfirst straight down that pole towards me like a guided missile or a torpedo headed for an enemy ship – with its wings tucked close up to its body for less wind resistance and speed. It happened so fast and this brave white hunter was paralyzed with fear!

When it got about ten feet from me it folded out its wings, flipped from headfirst to feet first in a millisecond – like Batman! Those damn birds have “Talons”! It grabbed on to me everywhere – my shoulders, my ears, the hair of my head, and beat the living daylights out of me. I’m serious! That white owl had a five-foot wingspan. I swung my arms around in the air trying to get that damn bird off me. I think my eyes were closed half the time so they wouldn’t get clawed out!

Finally, I guess she beat me up to her satisfaction and let me go. Not because I won the battle or she was scared of me, that much I am sure of. I figure she flew away to check on her little baby owls. I put the pistol back in my car immediately, headed straight for a first-aid kit, and never went near that flagpole again – owl or no owl, flag or no flag. I believe smart people refer to it as “behavioral modification”.

The moral of this story is? Don’t ever think an owl is only wise and non-threatening. They are also very tough and extremely vicious! It’s just another lesson I had to learn the hard way – something they don’t teach you in books. – Ray Peyton – Louisiana.

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On the show this week we will ponder the question, What would it be like to meet an alien race? We listen to a story called First Contact from the Sci-Fi series Dimension X. This is a good one! You can listen to this podcast on Thursday at Ron’s Amazing Stories, download it from Apple Podcasts, stream it on Stitcher Radio or on the mobile version of Spotify. Do you prefer the radio? We are heard every Thursday at 10:00 pm and Sunday Night at 11:00 PM (EST) on AMFM247.COM. Check your local listing or find the station closest to you at this link

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