The Moonville Tunnel

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Michael from Cleveland, Ohio sent in this story he calls The Moonville Tunnel, but before we get to the story here is a bit of history first:

The darkest, most desolate stretch of the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad ran through Moonville, Ohio. According to local legend, an epidemic once spread through the tiny community, and trains were forbidden from stopping there. Running low on supplies the residents sent a volunteer with a lantern to flag down a cargo train on the edge of town. The idea was that the train’s conductor would start to slow down after seeing the man outside town and come to a stop by the time he cleared the passage. But the plan never had a chance. The volunteer was late getting to the tunnel, and the oncoming train struck and killed him before he could reach the other side. Today, the Moonville Tunnel is one of the few remaining landmarks from the defunct mining town. Some visitors still claim to see a ghostly figure carrying a lantern in the darkness.

That is the history and this is Michael’s story: 

Let me start by saying that I am not a ghost hunter. However, I have been known to go to haunted places just to see if something will ever happen to me. Nothing ever did and for the most part, left me as a skeptic until that day in June when I was turned from skeptic to believer.

The Moonville Tunnel today is a favorite hiking stop. My wife and I made plans to not only hike a section of the ten-mile trail but do it towards the evening in hopes of seeing something. We got to the tunnel, hung out for a picnic, and waited to see what would happen.

For the most part, it was trouble-free and quite fun. We enjoyed the rich history provided by markers on the trail itself and our picnic was pleasant. I will admit we had brought some other forms of entertainment that was …shall we say is not entirely legal. For my wife, it’s a medical necessity. We were enjoying that near the bridge that leads to the tunnel when it happened.

We both saw a figure moving towards the entrance. It was mostly mist, but there was a bright light about where its arms were. It moved towards the center of the tunnel and then rapidly moved inside. We dropped what we were doing and ran after it. About halfway down the tunnel it stopped, reversed direction, then shot right by us and was gone.

That’s it. Everyone we tell this story to says that it was the weed. Anyone who smokes knows that the mild stuff does not produce anything, but a pleasant buzz.  We saw what we saw. There was no one else around and we never even thought to record it on a cell phone.  – Michael

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