RAS #528 – The Cave Of Night

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this time we feature a science fiction biased show. We have a detective story from a distant space colony and a UAP adventure from Texas that I found riveting! Then we head back out into space with a story about a lost astronaut. We end the show with a brand new Johnny Is It True that is all about Area 51. So please press that play button and enjoy the show.

Featured Story – The Cave Of Night
Our featured story comes from the OTR series X-Minus one and is not like anything they ever did. It is a science fiction story but is also a tale of suspense and intrigue told from the point of view of a modern-day reporter. It comes with a twist I guarantee you won’t see coming. This is a lost episode that is both unique, riveting and is titled The Cave Of Night. It first aired on February 10, 1956.

Other Stories Include – Blood On My Hands, Lost Planet Homicide, Never Drive Alone On Interstate 40, The Cave Of Night, and Johnny Is True – Area 51.

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